What even is fintech though?

You might hear us say this portmanteau a fair amount – it’s financial technology. What is it, though? Merriam Webster define it as:

“products and companies that employ newly developed digital and online technologies in the banking and financial services industries”

We want all financial products to be super digital (as well as customer-centric), and your banks and finance products need your help to make that happen!

How do you pick the people you use for Assignments?

We’re looking for a specific type of person to help us with these assignments. You’ll be passionate about all things digital, want to share your thoughts and experiences of using different digital finance products, and like the idea of earning some extra cash. Further, we’ll send you relevant content for you – based on where you are, what devices you have, and what apps you use!

If that sounds like you, you sound like the perfect person to dive into Userpool.

What happens if my submission is rejected?

There could be any number of reasons as to why a submission is rejected, such as the functionality not being displayed in enough detail, or the screen resolution not being high enough.

We will, of course, get back in touch with specific details as to what needs to be redone before we can release the payment.

How long will it take for my screen recordings to be approved?

We know how sensitive the information you’re providing us with is, so making sure we’ve anonymized the files as soon as possible is super important to us.

As a result, we review the screen recordings within one business day, and will get back to you with an approval or some further queries thereafter, before beginning to complete our edits.

How many videos can I upload?

As many as you like! As long as you’re qualified (and you should know based on what assignments we put in front of you), you can find a list of different assignments to work on in the “All Assignments” area.

We’re always looking for more screen recordings, so you can do as much or as little as you want.

How and when do I get paid?

After we’ve reviewed the submission and seen that it's of the required standard (see our submission guidelines here), we’ll send a payment to your PayPal account (I’m afraid you will need a PayPal account for now 😬 here’s how you get one!) within three to five working days.

Please note that we require that you verify your PayPal email address, failure to do so may cause complications and delays in receiving your payment.

Can I repeal any submissions that I make?

We delete the version of the screen recording that you send to us, and use an anonymized version of the document, so you should never need to request that we return.

If you do have any questions about your content, feel free to reach out to us on userpool-support@11fs.com – you have a legal right to know exactly what information we hold relating to you.

What will you do with my data?

Our team of editors remove all personal data before we use anything on our research platform. Once we’ve created the anonymized file, we delete the raw footage within a week.

Is this safe?

Yes. We’ve published well over 2,500 anonymized screen recordings of these banking and finance products in the past year alone, with no personal information ever shared with our subscribers.

Further, we’ve built a network of people from all over the world who have told us they’d be willing to share further screen recordings and experiences of using these products, after enjoying the first experience so much.

How can I send you my screen recordings?

We use WeTransfer as a file-sharing host in order to ensure your files are uploaded safely and securely. We think that WeTransfer is the best way to send big video files. It’s a quick and easy service that doesn’t require any sign up to use. It's encrypted, super safe, and gets the videos over to us in the right format.

When you go to upload your recordings, WeTransfer will ask you for a recipient email address. The email address to send your recording to is: userpooladmin@11fs.com.

What are you using the screen recordings for?

Our customers need to understand what their competition’s apps and websites look like, and also to see what the best are doing from a tech and design perspective.

So, we use the screen recordings you send us to share these insights via our subscription-based research platform: 11:FS Pulse.

Share your experiences and screen recordings using these services and help the biggest fintechs, banks and tech companies build the best possible apps and websites.

OK but who even are you guys?

We’re from a digital banking consultancy called 11:FS! We help our customers get better at doing all things digital and taking a user-centered approach to all that they do.

Why are we doing this? We want to hear what you think about the way your finances work, and take those learnings to help your banks build stuff with you at its heart.

What is Userpool?

Userpool is a service for people who have lots of finance apps, who like sharing their experience of using these products, and who want to help build apps and websites with the user’s experience at the centre.

We post assignments, in which we ask you to complete screen recordings of you using the apps and websites you use every day.

Why? So that we learn a bit more about how you use them, what you like and dislike about them – this information will help your banks to build digital products that you’ll actually love using!

How do I complete an Assignment?

To complete the Assignment, it's essential that all the tasks on your assignment’s checklist (which you'll find as a PDF in each Assignment's detail page) are completed. Start recording as soon as you start addressing the tasks and, using the interactive checklist feature, check off tasks as you complete them so that you can track your progress. This will also ensure you don’t miss anything required to complete the assignment.

Only stop recording once you’ve been through all the tasks. You don’t have to do any of the editing yourself and can, therefore, send the video across as a single file.

You’ll have up to 5 days to submit the recording. If you fail to meet the deadline, then the assignment will become available for other users to accept and your work will be lost.

How do I record my screen?

We value really high-quality screen recordings. As such, we recommend using the following tools to record your assignment tasks:


  • iOS: the in-built screen recorder, which is accessible from the iPhone settings area.
  • Android: the AZ Screen Recorder, free from the Google Store and used by Google’s developers to test their features!


  • Macbook: QuickTime, this software is included on all Macbooks, and here’s how you use it.
  • Using a PC: on the Google Chrome browser, make sure you download Loom, which is a free download. Do make sure you don’t have any of the app’s controls visible on the screen when completing the recording – here’s (Insert vid) how you get rid of them!

If you are having trouble using any of these suggested methods, or have any further queries, please contact support on userpool-support@11fs.com